Hi, I am Amy. I help leaders gain clarity, confidence, and peace of mind.

☆ "Amy McCae did a class about meditation for Peace and Power Counseling. Amy did a wonderful job making meditation accessible. It was a great presentation that really fit into our goal of improving self care for our clients. I recommend Amy McCae as a great source for learning about the mind-body connection! 

Gina Fricke/ Owner Peace and Power Counseling

☆ "Our work with Amy has been wonderful from the start. She is very professional, yet easy to talk to and willing to help however possible. She speaks with confidence and has an ability to relate to everyone. Amy is clearly passionate about her work. It is evident that she stays up to date on all current research regarding her field. Amy's expertise was truly beneficial for our people and helping them become more successful professionally and personally." 

Jess Cottingham/The Barnes Group


Do you recognize your own worth?

Sometimes we all feel like we are not good enough or we feel overwhelmed with responsibility. Instead of succumbing to the mental chatter, re-discover what makes you a fantastic, what brings you joy, and how you can live authentically and peacefully. Through intentional practices you will expand self-awareness and gain confidence so you can embrace a healthy and happy life.

Do you dream of finally feeling at peace?

Too many tasks and too little time can leave you feeling stuck. Beat the stress and take a breather with mindfulness. Attend to your own needs, dreams, and purpose while honoring your relationships to be on the road to happiness and peace of mind.


Are you an industry leader that wants to make an impact?

Leaders have a huge responsibility so you need the best tools and support available. 

The world needs you to use your own unique skills and passions to make a difference. Let us show you how to be the difference you wish to see.

Influenced by Google's "Search Inside Yourself" emotional intelligence program, Mindfulness Matters with Amy McCae will transform the way you think and live.

In this course you will gain self-confidence and begin making decisions that honor you. Your level of self-awareness will sky rocket allowing you to truly know who you are as well as what you need and want. Your communication and relationship skills will dramatically improve allowing you to ask for what you need and want at work and at home AND get it. Your relationships will improve. Your level of happiness will grow. Your health and vitality will increase. You will naturally learn to make conscious decisions allowing you to live in line with your values and purpose.

ACCREDITED through the Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches, certification offered and CEU's possible.

This course will first introduce what Mindfulness is and why it should matter to you. Over 30 years of neuroscience research point to the tremendous benefits Mindfulness offers to the mind and body by rewiring your brain. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, increasing your emotional intelligence and communication skills. Towards the end of the course, you will have the chance to explore your newly found power and leadership skills and use them to make a difference in the world.

Each week you will be introduced to new concepts and simple mindfulness training skills that you can practice right away. By taking part in the Mindfulness Matters program, you receive access to all the resources, tools, and support you need to transform your life. Additionally, we offer 60-90 minute weekly coaching sessions via Skype or Zoom which can easily be booked through our online scheduling system.



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