Feeling overwhelmed? Questioning your worth?

Gain confidence, health, success, and peace of mind through science based, intentional practices.


Mindfulness Matters

Overwhelmed, lack of time and not feeling worthy can leave you exhausted and feeling stuck. Regain clarity and confidence, restore relationships, and gain peace of mind with this 8-week online course. Influenced by Google's emotional intelligence program and rooted in science this course will transform every aspect of your life.

Awaiting accreditation through the Society of Holistic Coaches and Therapists, this course will soon offer a certification and eligibility for continuing credits.

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Mindful Self-Care

Mindfulness can help you appreciate the beauty of the present moment, teach you about the importance of self-care and foster emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and acceptance. Learn how to honor you relationships, and experiences and care of yourself with our free PDF.

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21 Day Challenge

21 Day Mindful Gratitude and Kindness Challenge. Harness the power of gratitude and kindness and change the world one person at a time, starting with yourself, by taking part in out 21 day Mindful Kindness and Gratitude challenge. Delivered straight to your inbox.

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Everyone can learn to be mindful!

The mention of mindfulness may evoke the image of a monk on top of a mountain but the reality is that mindfulness is for everyone.

Mindfulness means to pay attention to the present moment without passing judgement. Paying attention to your thoughts, your body, your emotions and to those around you has profound benefits to your life and health.

Implementing mindfulness into your daily life and learning to practice mindful skills leads to enjoying a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle.


How mindfulness transforms your life

Practicing mindfulness can rewire your brain: over 30 years of neuroscience research have demonstrated the transformative properties of mindfulness based practices, including:

The benefits include:

*reduced stress, anxiety, and depression

*boost vitality and immunity

*enhanced creativity and intuition

*self-awareness, clarity and confidence,

*achieve goals and success easily

*increased memory, attention, and emotional intelligence

*improved relationships in every aspect of your life

Discover what mindfulness can do for you!

Now is the time to invest in yourself. You deserve to be happy and healthy. The world needs you to use your unique skills to make it a better place. Learn mindfulness now!


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