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Emotional Intelligence

Perhaps the most valuable skill you will ever learn, emotional intelligence is often not only overlooked but avoided. Development of emotional intelligence is key to all personal and professional success. 

Influenced by Google's emotional intelligence program and rooted in science Mindfulness Matters is an 8-week online course with coaching offering simple, science based practices that help you easily transform every aspect of your life. 

Accredited through the Society of Holistic Coaches and Therapists, this course offers a certification and you  may be eligible continuing credits.

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Self-Doubt and Overwhelm?

Are self-doubt and overwhelm preventing you from the happiness, health, and success you crave? There are some specific reasons for these feelings and the answers lie within you. Learning to quiet your mind and go within will help you gain the self-awareness you need to make more conscious choices and live authentically and intentionally. 

Regain clarity, reduce stress, boost confidence, restore relationships, create success, and gain peace of mind with this 8-week "everything mindfulness" online course and coaching.

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It's a Brain Thing

Neuroscience shows compelling evidence suggesting a regular mindfulness practice leads to chemical and structural changes in the brain that may include benefits such as:

*present moment peaceful living

*higher levels of compassion

*reduced stress, anxiety, and depression

*boost vitality and immunity

*enhanced creativity and intuition

*self-awareness, clarity and confidence,

*achieve goals and success easily

*increased memory, attention, and emotional intelligence

*improved relationships in every aspect of your life

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BE THE CHANGE! Doctors, CEO's, Industry Leaders, Corporations can all use Mindfulness

Although the mere mention of the word mindfulness evokes the image of a monk on top of a mountain, the reality is that mindfulness is for everyone. Leaders need the skills that mindfulness teaches naturally such as confidence, resilience, stress management and more!

Mindfulness means to pay attention to the present moment without passing judgement. This may be to your breath, your thoughts, your feelings, sensations, even sounds or the person you are sitting with.

Mindfulness is attention training and has the capacity to transform your health, relationships, and your personal and professional success.

Steve (Stratcom/Offut) says; “Amy McCae is a dedicated professional, but she is much more that. She has a great spirit that comes through immediately when you meet her from her tremendous positive energy...One of the most important things I appreciate about Amy is that she is genuinely concerned about helping me. Her passion is rare, and I feel lucky to have met her.”

20 Minute Free Focus Session

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The most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. In this guide Amy shares 5 practices with simple skills you can implement right now to experience the benefits. Shared with many and to numerous organizations these practices are always an eye opening experience.

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Discover what mindfulness can do for you!

Now is the time to invest in yourself. You deserve to be happy and healthy. The world needs you to use your unique skills to make it a better place. Learn mindfulness now!


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